Untrusted Online Christmas Parcel Store

Christmas basket onlineEase of transactions in this day and age does give a lot of positive side, one of them a Christmas basket online. Buyers do not need to be hard-won again headed to the market to be involved in a jam on the road, heat, even when the market is crowded is very hard to pass by. Buyers are now looking for parcel-parcel through internet access in kind, content, price, and color, in a short time a parcel is sought allows to be discovered. By proceeding with the transaction in accordance with procedures, the purchase has been made. In fact, if you’ve found the parcel sought transactions sometimes only takes no more than 10 minutes. But unfortunately, on the other side of online transactions also save various shortcomings. Examples of fraud is often caused by fake sellers, beside of that parcel ordered was not in line with expectations. Of course, a lot of losses obtained in the event of such a thing. Therefore, if you are interested in shopping online, make sure the selected store really reliable is an important thing. Avoid some online stores that have the following characteristics:

Reputable online stores unclear

Currently online stores that offer a variety of gifts, especially in the special one of which hampers the Chinese New Year is getting overwhelming. However, not all of them can be trusted. In other words, if the store arbitrarily choose not rule would be stuck in a fake seller. As for the characteristics of fake online stores in terms of reputation is not clear, do not have the official site specifically for selling and also the address does not match. Reputation of the store that is not clear so easily have been made by elements irresponsible and even intend to deceive potential customers. This is the reason why a reputable online store is not clear should be avoided.

The service is not satisfactory

Service is an important part of a purchase of the product. The service makes it possible to get the right goods and according to expectations. For example the response of customer care in a short time on a good product to have or are also reservations run smoothly without the slightest jammed. That is, sellers such as these provide convenience for consumers to shop. Stores that should be considered again when the service is not satisfactory, as the response is very slow or no response at all when asking a few questions. Subject of the course is not very encouraging and would be better off looking for another online store because it is not likely it can affect the delivery of products ordered.

The testimony of the average customer disappointing

If the overall criticism of disappointing customers, will also be better off finding another seller. Many things that make customers feel let down, because the items purchased can not be customized or also the price is very expensive, and so forth. Previous customer can be a picture of how the performance of the store. If the service is nice, of course the customer was impressed not disappointed. Therefore, in addition to the phone numbers and addresses that should be checked also testimony should be observed when visiting the official website of the store so that no one chose.

An average of all people like to shop online because of the more favorable advantages. However, it also needs to be careful to not let one select the seller who can actually hurt. Just the tips in shopping through online media, ensure good corporate image, the price of goods purchased under, the original destination account number, and many customers were satisfied with the service provided by the store.

More Superior than Other Flower Shops

Flower ShopsCurrently, the flower shop is very easy to find. This is proof that in a flower shop business increasingly in demand because it feels promising. Especially ahead of Valentine, the benefits of this business can be many times more than usual given the rising demand. Unfortunately, this condition in conjunction with competition among the businessmen florists. To survive, businesses should be able to make sure that the flower shop is superior to another flower shop. Here are some tips florist businesses to be able to win the competition:

Ensuring the strategic location of the flower shop. Before opening the business, including flower shops, businesses should be able to confirm the location of the flower shop located (easy to reach or near the center of the crowd) in addition to water to make a smooth flowers sold are fresh with ample watering. Consumers will certainly think twice to buy flowers at the florist is difficult or far away from crowded places, despite interest rates being offered relatively cheap. Consumers will think of going wasteful of time, energy, and even costs to reach the flower shop. For this reason why the location was included in an important aspect of the marketing mix.

Offers a diverse product. Aspects that consumers consider before making a purchase is the diversity of products offered sellers. In this way, consumers will be easy to choose which products to suit the need or desire. For that, as the owner of a flower shop, be sure to offer a diverse product. For example, not only offers cut flowers but also offers a bouquet of flowers, flower board for wedding congratulations, condolences, congratulations on the opening of new branches, etc. If consumers want to buy a wide range of flowers, he could have bought in the same place should not be in two or three florists.

Provide shipping services. As the owner of a flower shop is good, you have to ensure the convenience of consumers or customers to make purchases by providing delivery service. Thus, the consumer or the customer does not need to come directly to the flower shop to make a purchase. Just stay make reservations by phone, email, or any other, ready to order flowers delivered to the destination. To launch this service, be sure to choose a dispatcher who already have experience of driving or know a lot of places so as to minimize any delivery item.

Having website florists. Every businessperson is currently required to have a website, including the owner of a flower shop. Websites can facilitate the consumers or customers know the product or latest promos, make purchases, or to communicate with customer service that has been provided. More than just reaching new customers, but also has the potential to maintain the website owned by the customer. In order to access the website more quickly and easily be in the best position SERP, it is advisable to use a paid website before making the domain name and hire a web hosting with a dedicated type (not multiple servers with other people, but the charge is relatively expensive compared to other hosting types).

As businesses in Indonesia, you must be prepared to face the competition is so tight because Indonesia does not adhere to the trading system of monopoly except for PLN, PDAM, PT KAI, etc. If not ready, it is likely in the near future will be out of business because they could not attract the attention of consumers or maintaining a customer to make a purchase. As a businessman florist, you can apply some simple tips above in order to survive and even thrive in the midst of intense competition.

You Will Get Low Quality Hari Raya Hamper If You…

When Hari Raya comes in, all Muslim all around the world will be happy and grateful to God. They will visit their beloved ones, apologize and forgive all mistakes, gather and taste various cakes. This moment is very special because they must fast for 30 days, pay off alms, and pray to God. For people who cannot met their family directly, they usually send messages and hari raya hamper which contains chocolates, fruit juice, cookies, fruit pudding, and much more. Unfortunately, some people feel regret after sending hamper because they buy low quality ones accidentally. They family feels disappointed because they assume that they are not important anymore.

hari raya hamper me

If you plan to buy parcel for Ied, make sure that you don’t do these unless you want to get low quality hamper:

Trust store as you like

As you probably know, at this moment, you can find many stores both online and offline which offer hampers for Hari Raya, Lunar, Christmas, and so on. Most of them offer similar products and prices so customers get difficulty in choosing them. Furthermore, not all stores provide high quality products. They just provide low quality ones and offer them with cheap prices to attract customers’ attention. Unfortunately, people don’t know about this. They are already tempted with low prices without knowing quality of product at all. This makes them regret because of wasting money.

Thus, avoid trusting store as you like. You should look for information about reputation and track record of store first. Then, know and read customer testimonials about offered products and services so you know whether store is good. If you want to buy Ied basket offline, aside from knowing about store, you should check product in detail. Make sure that there is no expired content in hamper. In other hand, if you choose to do this online, be more careful of choosing online store. Read product descriptions and call the existing phone number to get more information. If you are not sure with that online store, read related reviews about them, who know that you can good information.

Btw, one of the recommended online stores which provide high quality Idil Fitri hampers is Flower Advisor. It is an international florist running business in many countries. It also provides hampers for Christmas 2016, cakes, wines, roses, and so on with reasonable prices. Please, visit its official site to get more information.

Choose product in hurry

Never choose hamper abruptly without knowing expired date and packing of contents. You need to know that sometimes most contents are not worthy to be consumed because there are expired and their packing is broken. Imagine if you give hamper with bad contents to your beloved ones and they also don’t check those contents and consume those directly. If they get sick, you will feel guilty because you already buy wrong hamper. Therefore, choose hamper after checking the contents and packing so you don’t regret and waste money.

Hopefully, you can find high quality Idul Fitri parcels.

Success Tips on Opening a Flower Shop

Opening a Flower Shop

Skills in flower arranging? If true, being a florist is one business area that is suitable and appropriate for you occupied. It is said that because of the success of a business other than hard work also begins with a deep skill. So also considered inappropriate because of the interest being a necessity of people each year, whether it’s to celebrate Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, the inauguration of the building and the degree, or even as condolences. Of course, the sale and the interest is a source of opportunities that can be used to earn income that actually unlimited. By utilizing social media as a business promotional materials, it is possible florist business can grow and be successful. By the way, do you know the key of success opened a flower shop? Opening a business synonymous with promotional techniques. However, it is necessary to note, in addition to the campaign there are also other things that also play an important role in opening and running the business including a business interest. Find the answer in the description below:

Get the flower supplier support

Supplier is a supplier that provides a variety of flowers to sell. The importance in choosing a supplier interest support as this will greatly affect the smooth running of your florist business. Choose a supplier that provides flowers of many kinds because if get suppliers from many places is going to require a lot of time to contact them, make sure the flowers they grow good quality(fertile and healthy), and also the service they provide satisfactory, friendly, quick, and Trusted. As for how to get a quality supplier and supports itself should be conducted in a way that maximum. For example, looking for suppliers of flowers from the internet, you can make sure suppliers have a clear address and satisfy customer testimonials. Should do a site visit to see firsthand supplier flower cultivation is carried out.

Provide the best service and ensure the comfort of visitors

So that shoppers crowded flower shop business, the best service and comfort of visitors should be prioritized. Friendly service can make visitors to be impressed and convenient way to shop so they can invite their interest to come back to buy. In addition to serving visitors with courtesy, as the flower sellers also have to be smart to help them find the right flower. Especially for the male visitors who usually feel puzzled to find a bouquet of flowers which to be given to her partner, you can provide input in choosing the right flower. While more comfort, you should ensure that your field of business is not a business that is bogus. When you promote through social media, include the contact person and also addresses an obvious location so that visitors trust and misgivings in the transaction.

Recruit some highly skilled workforce

Labor becomes one of the things that you must consider. Workforce can help your flower more quickly, especially if orders piling up and the time is urgent. Obviously, you’ll need workers to finish the job. Just the tips in choosing prospective employees, choose those who have a talent for flower arranging, so that their creations and also the results can be a maximum of quality so as to meet expectations.

Respond to customer complaints wisely

In a well-run business would have had their ups and downs especially to achieve a progress. One of the challenges that often occurs is a matter of customer complaint, whether it be flowers quickly wither because of how strong or less wrapping the delivery time is not right, and so forth. Problems like these should be completed well to keep your business image. Respond to customer complaints wisely so that their hearts that had been heat could be cool. Remember, not just any response to customer complaints. Take a good look at where the errors. If it begins with you, you should give compensation or indemnity, but when the error comes from the customer give a polite explanation. Hopefully, it complains that responded well and was able to keep the image of your business and even made the effort becomes advanced.


Being a successful florist does not always go smoothly, but often through many challenges and obstacles. But this depends on the extent to which you can cope and deal with it well, so that businesses that occupied can survive and grow up to be successful in the long term.

Initial Capital to Be a Successful Florist

Smiling Mature Woman Florist

Flowers are plants that people liked. With so many enthusiasts of the interest rate would be one of the fields to earn money. Flowers also is a plant that is used by people for gifts. There are many uses of flowers such as valentine gifts, birthday gifts, gift promoted, as well as other utterances. To this one can run a business from a hobby owned. For example, you are a hobby with many kinds of flowers, it is automatically possessed of a hobby can be a field looking for money. Running a business interest does not cost too much. Are you interested in becoming a florist? If you are interested, then the following start-up capital to be a successful florist.

Have a friendly nature and courteous

Nature friendly and polite are two traits that are favored by everyone. By having a friendly nature, of course, other people feel that they are appreciated. Therefore, if you want to become a successful florist, then the initial capital must have the properties owned are friendly and courteous. Friendly and courteous nature is an important point that must be owned by you for the consumer to be a successful business. If consumers served by friendly and courteous, then consumers feel comfortable seeking interest in your store. In this way it will also make consumers feel comfortable to come back to buy flowers in your shop.

A creative spirit and imagination

Besides must have entrepreneurial skills and provide flowers as a florist, you should also have a creative spirit and imagination. If you have a creative spirit in arranging flowers and can combine the flowers, then consumers will choose you as subscriptions are florists. For that, you must have a high creative spirit so that you can better flower of a series of others. In addition you must have a creative soul, you also need to have high imagination so that it can mix and match the color of the flower well. The more creative the results obtained, the more corpulent people who will buy in your store.

Having a place that supports

The place is the initial capital that you must have to become a successful florist. With the support of your own place to run the business as a florist, then the business will be more easily known. If you open a flower business in a place that does not support, so many people who do not know and feel free to search for addresses that are difficult. Therefore, as a successful florist, then you should find a support such as near a highway or public places. If the location of your home and are supporting the future highway, it never hurts to be a place of business selling flowers. Avoid to run a business in a place that does not support because it will only make you lose later.

Having a media campaign

The initial capital thus introduces a florist who successfully by having a media campaign. By having a media campaign, then your business will be known to many people. Not only the people around you, but also of the region and other cities. By having a promotional media such as Facebook, Instragram, fuel, and so forth, it makes it easier for consumers and will automatically search for a florist business will be successful.

Well, that’s some information about the initial capital to become a successful florist. Hopefully the above information useful for you all.

How to Make Flower Shop Survive Forever?

flower shop aNowadays, business competition is tighter and more complicated. This happens because there are many new businesses popping up day by day. This condition makes business owners, including florists work hard and smart so their business survives forever. If you are also a florist, what should you do to make your flower shop survive forever? If you don’t know what to do, you have to find what the answer is unless you want to see your business collapses and goes bankrupt as soon as possible. To help you solve this problem, below are tips that you can consider doing so your business survives forever:

Give optimal services

Sometimes, some florists don’t give optimal services for their buyers because those buyers often complain or do small transactions. This is a big mistake because by doing this those buyers will feel discriminated so they will never buy flowers with those florists anymore. If you do the same thing, you will regret because you will lose potential buyers. Imagine if your loyal buyers leave you abruptly and there is no potential buyer at all, of course, you will get huge loss. This condition definitely makes your flower shop collapse and close. For this, you have to give optimal services for all buyers without distinguishing them based on number of transactions or flowers that they need.

Provide high quality products

There are many florists who provide low quality products and tell buyers that their products are qualified and top. You need to know that it is a fraud that can make them deal with police and go to jail sooner or later. For this, never do this although you need more profits to make business continue running. Realize that to get good thing, you have to do good thing. In this case, you are highly recommended to provide high quality products so there is no buyer who regrets because they trust you. What to do if buyers don’t trust that your products are qualified? No need to worry because you can ask them to compare high quality to low quality products so they can distinguish among those products and know that your products are really qualified.

Maintain customer trust

Trust is like glass, when it is broken, you cannot fix it anymore. This means that if you lose customer trust, you will get difficulty in making them trust you anymore. Therefore, maintain their trust as well as possible by never cheating on them or doing any frauds that harm them, such as: giving them inappropriate change money and low quality products, asking them to pay addition cost, doing any wrapping flower shortcuts, and so on. You might think that these bad things will never be realized by buyers. Yap, you may think like it now. How about tomorrow, next week, or next month? Remember that buyers are not stupid. They will realize your cheat and fraud and stop buying and doing transactions. If this happens, you will get huge loss and regret deeply. To be honest, okay!